why mobile phones die

Damage cell phones statistics
Most often, the service centers are turned due to mechanical damage.

In second place — the problem of software. It’s no secret that companies often just do not have time to properly run the software, and many problems are revealed at the stage of active sales of new devices. In such cases, the firmware changes rapidly, and a new version is installed on all phones that fall into the service centers.

The next important problem is the failure of the sound series, which includes a speaker and a microphone. Attempts to install a melody with an increased volume level in the phone lead to an increase in the load on the speaker. The diffuser in it is very small, with a small amplitude of oscillation.

Operation at high volume in abnormal mode very quickly wears it out. In the beginning there are wheezing or creaking, and then the speaker can be completely silent. So attempts to increase the volume can also be fraught with damage. And such a case is not guaranteed to be guaranteed.

In the service or at home?
All the problems arising from software failures of the phone can be divided into those that can be solved at home, and those that require specialist attention.

At home
Software update via the Internet
Restoring health from a backup
Fighting viruses
Re-flashing phones using service cables
Installing New Firmware Versions
Recovering failed chips or other hardware components (speaker, etc.)
Obtaining an inferiority complex, formed automatically under the influence of a kind view of a specialist
External influences

Stories about the devices, «lost» as a result of the irresistible attraction of their owners to the water, amaze with their diversity. From the banal «fell into a glass» to the breathtaking stories of unauthorized overcoming a few meters above the water surface. A rare phone will fly to the middle of the Dnieper, and if it does, it’s easier to immediately order a moleben for it: you can get a drowned man from the bottom, but you can hardly bring it to life. The case with a glass of beer is more suitable for resuscitation. The situation is no less comical, but more common. Replace the phone glass with any water tank and — please.

The most important thing in this case is do not get the phone out of the glass! Well it must be dismantled, dried, collected again … Fell? Well, okay — let there and flaunts. Put the glass in a prominent place, so that any guest could appreciate your creativity and unconventional perception of the world. You can sometimes change the beer to fresh, or at least add a fresh one in place of evaporated.

But if you still decide to return to the standard use of the device, we recommend that you look at the leisure in the service center. About the fact that the phone was in the water, you can not mention, and even selflessly and beautifully lie that, say, disconnected in the midst of an important business call.

But it is better not to do it. The people in the service centers are usually shy, thin humor does not understand, and immediately climbs into the giblets device. If it is new, then to hide from repair eyes the fact of water ingress will be almost impossible. Developers have recently been placing inside the body moisture indicators, which change color when water hits.

A user’s instructions and warranty obligations are supplemented with the clause according to which excesses of this inside the case can cause a refusal of warranty service. Yes, and these cotton lads «drowned» in their time, they know how they look.

However disgusting, it is necessary to honestly confess to what was done. The main thing — do not be afraid, no one will react to this confession by exact throwing the phone into the head of its owner. Unless reproachfully shake his head.

After this operation, specialists will place your phone in a bath with a special solution, and if you are very lucky, the phone will be able to survive and continue to work for the benefit of the communicative nature of its owner. When the battery is connected, wet metal contacts can cause a short circuit, which can lead to their destruction

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