Replacing phone screen — how to do it yourself

Replacing the phone screen — how to do it yourself

Obviously, in today’s smartphones, the most important and most used part is the screen. And he is also the most fragile element of a smartphone, which is most prone to shocks, scrapes, deformations and other influences. And of course, if the screen is damaged, then alas, but the smartphone loses its purpose, because it is impossible to continue to use them. Many people are wondering — is it possible and how difficult is it to make an independent replacement of the phone screen?

This issue worries more and more people, since in the service center such work costs, as a rule, decent money.

Let’s get a little rough on this. The smartphone screen is a rather complex element, consisting of several components — a touchscreen, backlight elements, the matrix itself, trails, etc. True, recently the matrix and the touchscreen are performed by a single device using OGS technology.

Replacing the glass on the smartphone screen

With separate execution, in the event of a fall, the touchscreen first suffers, since The main blow falls on him. And more often people turn to replace the glass, rather than to replace the matrix. True, there are times when replacing the entire module in the collection is cheaper than one touchscreen. This mainly applies to cases with OGS screens.

And disassembling the OGS module with conventional tools at home is almost unrealistic.

You need to disassemble the phone
Next, the OGS module itself is removed from the case
On a specialized stand, the screen is fixed and heated to the required temperature
Further with the help of a special thread, the matrix and the touchscreen are separated
After that, the matrix is ​​cleaned of the glue
Then the photopolymer glue is applied to the matrix and it is installed in a special stencil
There is also a touch screen, after which excess glue is removed and the edges are cleaned of glue
The bonding points are irradiated for some time with a UV lamp, so that the glue is polymerized

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