Repair service smartphone Samsung S7 part 2

Do not start repair yourself, without the proper skills, skills and most importantly — experience. After all, there is always the risk of exacerbating an already difficult situation, and you can easily harm yourself and your environment, because the device is an unpredictable thing that does not warn about its antics. Therefore, be cautious and trust your device only to experienced masters, who perform repairs not only qualitatively, but also quickly.

The main types of breakages Samsung Galaxy S7, which really encounter:

the mobile device does not turn on, does not work, does not start;
the phone is working, but there is a problem with the display, the sensor does not work;
Samsung Galaxy S7 badly holds a charge or does not charge at all,
poorly catches the network,
The body is bent or deformed,
after the fall appeared stripes on the screen,
the phone went into the water and then stopped functioning;
the mobile device does not take pictures, or one of the cameras does not work;
there were problems with the speaker, the volume was not fixed;
USB does not work.

Using high-quality, up-to-date equipment and appropriate tools, our employees perform diagnostics and a thorough check of the device in order to quickly find the cause of the breakdown, then the master together with the owner of the device think through a further work plan, often after the examination the specialist continues repair work and performs recovery of the device.

Our service and repair center in Cincinnati is always ready to help in solving any problems. We are located in the center of Kiev, where our main office is located, besides the central service. Each service center employs highly qualified professionals who are equipped with many years of experience, with the appropriate skills and abilities. In case you have any questions regarding our services, please contact us by the numbers indicated on our website.


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